Nexx 3020H Responder

This tutorial is based on the exroot Nexx 3020H build from THIS earlier post.Responder has been the bread and butter in our toolkit...screwdriver in our sandwich? Wait, I think I lost the anology. Anyways, Responder is an amazing pen testing tool if you are on a local network. Building the Nexx … Continue reading

Weaponized Boredom

I recently had an appointment at an ophthalmologist and because it was in New Mexico, where appointments mean nothing and linear time isn't a thing, I had a long wait in the exam room. Stay with me I swear we are going to pen test some stuff. Most of the equipment in the room was from Welch-Allyn … Continue reading

Phishing Primer

This primer covers sending spoofed emails from an online service with a link to a clone credential harvesting site.  SET provides a clean, menu-driven interface for website cloning and automates the process. Using sendmail directly is also an option in SET; it requires a single change to the … Continue reading